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Update on senior leader review (25 September 2020)

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We would like to thank all of the employers on our trailblazer group for the impressive progress they have made with the revised new level seven senior leader apprenticeship.

Following the approval of the revised apprenticeship standard, they have now submitted a revised end-point assessment (EPA) plan for approval. This consists of updated assessment methods, remapping of the knowledge, skills and behaviours to these methods and clear grading descriptors to ensure consistency for end-point assessment.

Development of the revised standard follows a request from the Secretary of State for Education for a review of the standard.

Part of the approvals process is a further public consultation on the EPA plan. If you wish to feedback on the plan you can do this via this link

The consultation will close on 28 September.

The currently envisaged timeline for the revision of the standard and related end-point assessment plan is as follows:

  Action Date Status
1 IFATE/Trailblazer evidence gathering from training providers and employers delivering the standard 16-27 March Completed
2 Remote Intensive workshop with the trailblazer to develop a first draft of a policy compliant revised occupational standard 18 March Completed
3 Finalise redrafting of the occupational standard 23 March - 3 April Completed
4 Trailblazer consultation on revised occupational standard 8-29 April Completed
5 Trailblazer to analyse consultation responses with Institute support 30 April – 4 May Completed
6 Remote intensive workshop to review the consultation feedback and revise the occupational standard 5 May Completed
7 Finalise occupational standard 6-19 May Completed
8 Final checks of standard and submission 19-20 May Completed
9 Consult IFATE Peer Reviewer and Worldskills on the draft occupational standard 27 May – 5 June Completed
10 Institute consultation on the submitted occupational standard 27 May – 10 June Completed
11 Outcome of occupational standard approval process 6 – 10 July Completed
12 Remote intensive workshop to revise the End-Point Assessment plan so that it is policy compliant and aligns with the revised standard 6 - 17 July Completed
13 Trailblazer to request costings from training providers and an end-point assessment organisation to inform IFATE’s funding band recommendation 17 – 31 July Completed
14 Revisit standard to check for any knock-on effects on KSBs to enable grading descriptors 6 - 17 July Completed
15 Draft EPA and review undertaken by Education Advisor 20-31 July Completed
16 Finalisation of EPA plan and costings 31 July – 23 August Completed
17 Final checks of EPA plan and costings 26 August – 16 September Completed
18 Outcome of EPA plan approval process 2 – 6 October
19 Addressing of any EPA plan conditions and ministerial approval of funding band October - November
20 Apprenticeship standard approved for delivery November - December*

*Consideration will need to be given as to whether a notice period needs to be given between its approval and final implementation.

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  1. Comment by Sally Timmins posted on

    A copy of the revised standard has been included in the blog and is available for everyone to see via this route. It will not be published on our website until the standard is approved for delivery. The end-point assessment plan is still being processed via the submissions route and a decision on this will not be available until early November. Once this is approved it will be uploaded to the blog. When the standard, end-point assessment plan and funding band have all been approved for delivery they will be published on our website with an agreed implementation date which has yet to be agreed.


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