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Jenny Album

Communications manager

It's vital for employers in the food and drink industry to engage schoolchildren, and it would probably be good for your industry too

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Amy Crooks, our trailblazer from the National Skills Academy of Food & Drink explains how she is helping employers in her industry to engage with school children. She also give tips to other employers who wish to do the same. Why do you think it’s important for the …

“We’ve developed some great ways to make children excited about our apprenticeships and our industry, and you can too,” says Mark Donnelly from BAE Systems

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Here, one of our Trailblazers, Mark Donnelly, from BAE Systems, talks about the innovative strategies he uses involve school pupils. He also discusses why other employers should follow suit. Firstly, can you give us a brief idea about what apprentices at …

Why the old system of apprenticeships needed to change, in order for the Leisure and Entertainment industry to thrive

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Trailblazer, Dawn Childs works as Group Engineering Director at Merlin Entertainments Group. Dawn's helping to develop the new ‘Leisure & Entertainment Engineering Technician’ standard which is now approved for delivery. How and why did you and Merlin Entertainments first get involved …

It's not just about cars! Toyota's Trailblazer, Andrew Parsons, talks about what will be involved in the new standards

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Apprentices at work

Trailblazer, Andrew Parsons from Toyota is helping us create a range of exciting new apprenticeships. Some involve car construction, whilst others revolve around the mechanical ‘systems’ which underpin most of our lives on a daily basis. Often these systems operate behind the scenes, and may have …